Friday, 30 September 2016

World Première

Dear readers,

I come back to you after the summer break to present a word premiere. A short personal interview with the Truss project manager was recorded video during my last visit to Dublin and now it has just seen the light!

Hello, my name is Alberto Gonzalez, I am from Spain and currently I am an early stage researcher in ENSA in Santander.

1.    What and where did you study?

In 2012, I earned a double Master’s degree in Civil Engineering from both “Escuela de Caminos, Canales y Puertos” in Santander and “Ecole des Ponts et Chaussées” in Paris. After that, I worked as a project and research engineer for a subsidiary of the Vinci group.

2.    Advantages of being a researcher in a Marie S-Curie ITN

Being part of this international project is simply great. It’s the perfect environment to develop our work as we are supported by different experts from different institutions. In addition, we enjoy the best conditions to focus on our work.
3.    What is your research project about?

My research is focused on the seismic analysis of high density racks. Racks are free-standing structures located on the floor of a 12m deep pool and designed to hold spent fuel removed from the nuclear power reactor. Their response face to an earthquake event is a complex issue as it mix a very highly nonlinear behaviour, a transient dynamic effect and a fluid-structure interaction.

4.    How will your research contribute to society?

In a first stage, we will improve the understanding of this kind of phenomenon. In a second stage, we will try to reduce the inherent uncertainty of such a specific analysis. As a result, we expect to optimise the distribution of racks inside the spent fuel pool and therefore increase the total storage capacity of the pool.

5.    What would you like to do after TRUSS ITN?

Honestly I really don’t know. I have some experience in industry and academia and both could match my interests. The only thing I want is to keep motivated and doing research.

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